A poem by Heather Farley: 

You’re a wanderer of the dusk.

I’ll love you in the dark and in the light,

I hope you’ll love me in your shadows.


You were born to leave me,

Maybe tomorrow, maybe yesterday,

You’re not going to change.


I wish you would,

But I’m scared to think you might…

You’re a waltzing ghost to me,


I underestimated how erotic I find you,

The moment of understanding,

Awoke me finally from my nightmares,


Lying behind your shadow in the grey sheets,

I wonder if my smile is a memory you hold dear,

Yours made me hope I might be capable of love.


I’ll be immortal with you forever;

In haze of drunken memories,

You’ll stay burning on, even when I’m fragments of dark ash to you.


Run away in the lighting you most love,

Prove me right though I long to be wrong,

I’ll follow pictures of you into my past,


I’ll watch you wander away as you so frequently do,

Left alone I don’t feel guilt or torment, just empty.

Missing something I saw once in the evening’s dusk,


Someday I’ll stop writing about you,

Stop dreaming about you,

But not today, today I’m in love with the absence of you.


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