I wrote this for the first feminist poetry evening I organised at uni; looks awful on the page but I love reading it out:


Feminism for all.

Feminism for faces of fortune; faces of failure,

Not feminism for a few,

Not just for faces in frames; for famous feminists,

There are no forgettable feminists,

Our famous friends do not fade but

feminists for the future.



Feminists are not failures,

Feminists may frown at you for:

playing the fool, fighting

but feminists have fun too.

The frankness of feminism may scare you.

Feminism if the fable of the future

  • not a façade but a fact.



Foes of feminism facilitate forward thinking; fact finding.

Factions foster thought but

faith in fundamentals is at the forefront.

The frightening goal of feminism:

feminism equals fairness and freedom.

Frightening thought indeed: freedom.

Fairness for all; not for a few.



Far- seeing thoughts-

Familiar thoughts under a frightening name.

The fright of family overthrow.

Feeling for family;

family faces do not run contrary to fighting for freedom,

for fairness- a fantasy of feminism;

A fantasy where women are not all fainting fairies,

a fairy tale where the princess rescues herself.



Feeding family or feminism? Well, no

equal pay enhances feeding family,

fairness is the foundation of a firm society.

Feminism is functional.

Anti- feminism

  • a fascinating failure of fact.

But I have faith in fact finding, forward thinking.



There are many fallacies of feminism but

there is no fashion set,

Feminists wear what we flipping feel like


  • not for flattery,
  • not for feminine dignity,


Oh to fall from femininity,

but for ourselves; for me-

forgetting friend’s thoughts,

Abercrombie and Fitch fades but feminism fits.



Feminism is not a synonym for femme fatale,

Feminism is not for failures.

Nor is feminism for the far extreme,

for the forgotten cat lady without a fiancé.

Feminism is not for lesbians,

for the failed without a fella.

Feminism is not even just for females,

Feminism is fairness for all and all includes men,

Men should feel the need for feminism.



Feminism is not for the few;

Feminism is for you.


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